“Through All Adversity I Promise to Remain SOLID...”

A phrase formed to give oneself ‘MOTIVATION’ & used on a daily by TrapSoul genre, recording artist BOSS TYE. The 28 yr old CEO/Songwriter/Artist of Aviator Music Group, hails from Chicago’s Westside (Austin Area). His interest in music stemmed from the hard work he saw his father, Toine G aka ‘Sam Flood’ putting in. A former rap MC & member of HMH (Hang Man Homicide) & Major Leagaz (MLP) himself, he couldn’t help but pass the torch down to his heir. And THAT, HE DID! Those countless trips to the studio, watching his father create magic, sparked a flame that couldn’t easily be blown out! Boss Tye loved the way you can play with melodies over beats. Becoming an instrument was something his father taught him. He used that advice, he developed the skill he’s known for, creating catchy - soulful hooks & pain-filled verses, with or without a beat! 

Starting young, early 2000’s, Boss Tye (known then as ‘Young Butta’/’Young Beastly’/’Yung Hood’) teamed up with childhood friends Rashad Allen (Reap Luciano), Jacob Wilder (AJakesProduction) & Jason Wilder (Jay-O) to form the group Lil’ Leagaz (a younger version of his fathers group). The group lasted about 3 years. Though they went on to do some great music & memorable performances, they remained at an stand still.

Members went their separate ways (life-wise) & Boss Tye, only 12 or 13 at the time, fell in love with the streets... This wasn’t a hard task to complete, due to the fact both parents had fallen victim to the demons of the streets themselves. His mom in prison for drug/violent charges & father, a drug addict. This drove Boss Tye to find guidance in the streets. From catching his first felony as a juvenile (Manufacturing to deliver Heroine - 02/06) to being shot 5 times on 2 separate occasions (01/07 & 08/08) to being trapped in a box for an Attempt Murder conviction, stemming from his son’s mother setting him & his friend up to be robbed, for a total of 8 yrs, ‘09 - ‘17 (5 1/2 yrs for actual sentence & 2 1/2 yrs for violation of parole), to watching his friends stand beside the opposition, Boss Tye has been through it all!

During his time in the streets, Boss somehow found a way to release his first mixtape, HOODRICH VOL. 1 10/06, under the name Yung Hood Rich, which included ‘EVERYDAY I’M HUSTLIN’ freestyle’ (94.1k YouTube views) & the ladies anthem ‘Moments Wit A Thug’ Art Of Noise remake. Both songs generated a hood buzz and Boss Tye, thought it was his time to shine, but the world wasn’t hearing him... Over the next couple of years he dropped songs just to keep relevance but nothing was the ‘hit!’ His old friend had went from rapping to producing, so Boss Tye tried his hand at his ‘first’ underground album, ‘I’M HERE NOW!’, 04/09. Releasing ‘Money Ova Here!’ as the lead single and shooting the unreleased video in May ‘09. He then found himself hitting the studio to do some work with other local Chicago artists like Color One, DJ NATE, D DUBB (Donterio ON BABY), Mz. Taty, Dre Money (RIP), & a many other artists. He was amongst the circles but the streets had a hold of him! 

After being released from prison initially in 2015, Boss Tye hit the studio & worked! Independently releasing a few songs and doing a few shows to get his feet wet again. But when he tragically lost one of his ‘Brudda’s’ (FREE T.Y & BOSS POKE), (term used for ‘Friends/Brothers’ in his neighborhood) Andre ‘Dre Money’ Chatman, to one of Chicago’s deadliest gang wars, he begin to lose himself again! Using drugs to suppress the thoughts & numb his heart, Boss Tye tried to escape... All the while still trying to fulfill his music dreams... Only to find himself right back in the box he thought he’d never see again... 

Luckily, he had someone in his corner, who believes in him more than himself... Behind Da Mask Entertainment, CEO, DJ Erroganze. He continued to push Boss Tye’s released & unreleased music to the world! When you think of ‘Loyalty’, he’s the definition of it! He’s the reason Boss Tye continues to push through all adversities. Always pushing his music & being a mentor has helped shaped Boss Tye into the artist he is today!

‘Sitting in Statesville made me realize I had to make a way! Cuz these ppl don’t give af about ME!’ - a thought Boss Tye has while being held on 24 hr lock down at STATESVILLE CORRECTION CENTER, one of Illinois’ notorious prisons.

Since being released Friday, October 6th, 2017, Boss Tye has hit the ground running & lived up to his word! Dropping 2 video’s, “WARNING”, “LOST SOUL” & “THE ROOKIE”, 13 song mixtape, LOUIEPACK Hosted By DJ Univercity, a feature with OG MULA (Greezy Mobb Entertainment) & another mixtape, FREE SMOKE Hosted By DJ Erroganze, & winning 3 performance contests’, he’s here to establish himself as the “BOSS OF THE STRUGGLE” He turns himself into Picasso with every song, by painting detailed experiences with disloyalty, treason, death, jail & battling the mental issues he was diagnosed with.   


Following the release of his latest project, FREE SMOKE & it’s single, “Testimony” an appreciative audience has appeared out of nowhere! And since, Boss Tye has decided ‘It’s time to apply PRESSURE‘

Taking this opportunity of gaining listeners, Boss Tye linked up with YouTube Super Producer, ‘Cormill’ to release his debut single ‘SOLID’ (available 3/29 EVERYWHERE records are sold!) to give the streets ‘MOTIVATION’! So far, the feedback has been great & things are heading in a positive direction! So it’s only right the world expect great things from this new artist, who’s guaranteed to be around for a longggggg time...

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