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Advertising & Branding withBombay Hott Radio Network
Brief Presentation - Basic Ads and Social Media Deals

                                                               BOMBAY HOTT RADIO

1. Bombay Hott Radio is a very fast growing Radio Network being the umbrella of other stations such as:
>Ibiza Hott Radio-London Hott Radio-Star Radio London

2. We have an ever growing listener base with music lovers, coffee shops, hangouts and many other small business locations connecting to our radio stations.

3. In 2017, Bombay Hott Radio along with its fellow stations successfully hosted events in:
>Ibiza, London, Atlanta, New York, Tenerife and more.
>Clubs we have hosted events for are in the DJ Mag Top 100 List including Super Clubs, Egg LDN and Eden Ibiza.

1. Bring quality entertainment to our listeners 24/7.
2. Market brands who advertise with us to cross brand and reach more potential consumers who are not exposed to your brand.
3. Keep increasing our physical streets teams in cities across the world.
4. Bring more visibility to brands and products at our events across the world.
5. Make our listeners smile throughout their day.



We have very competitive rates for our advertising plans that start as low as $100 (USD).

1. $150.00 - Audio Ads on 4 Stations every hour for a month.
2. $250.00 - Audios Ads on 4 Stations every hour for a month + Social media promotion of Ad via Facebook every day for a month by 20 + Members in our team.
3. Special Offer Price with unlimited ad changes is...
> Annually - $2,000.00
> 6 Months - $1,500.00
4. Website Home Page Poster - $60.00 Monthly
5. Event Promotions for a Month-$300.00 (Include)
> Event Page Invites,
> Ads on 4 stations,
> Article of event on Website including Ticket links
> Social Media push and
> Poster on Home Page of Website.

500 - 10000 Fliers given out in Cities like London, Barcelona, Dubai, Ibiza, Mumbai, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Liverpool, Manchester, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur and many more. Printed and distributed.

Also Poster, Billboard and Product Placements in Stores available.

1. $100.00 - DJ Subscriptions for airtime to any of the stations on our network
2. $100.00 - Song or Album Blast to all the DJs on our network

Voice Over for ads, Artwork Design, Video edits for ads and more also available



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